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Hello World

So for months I have been taking heat from the likes of J.P., Tony and J. Kilgore for not having a blog.  I have even taken heat in the the coments of other blogs and on the Church IT Podcast… but today is the end of a era… I have fallen to the pressure of my peers. 

But why the reluctance to start my blog… I think part of the reason is not having that earth shattering first post… So I have decided no one is going to read the first post, so it doesn’t really matter anyways…  

So why start on 10/30, it was a good start for me so it can’t be a bad day to start the blog… today is the birth of a new blog…  So with that I say ‘Hello World’.

In this blog you can expect to hear the thoughts, comments, and critiques from the perspective of a guy serving in Church I.T. You might even get to be the audience of an occasional vendor rant… oh those can be fun. (being one of my vendors automatically makes you a possible rant subject by yours truly) And I am sure there will be the occasional post about my wonderful wife, family or THE Ohio State University football.. So with that welcome to the blog, and I hope you enjoy.

This blog reflects my personal views, and while I am a staff member of Northwoods Community Church most of the views expressed will be aligned with the values of Northwoods but should not be considered the official view of Northwoods Community Church.  In-fact, if your view is different, post a comment push-backs are good… they make one think critically about what is said or believed.

Now for the record, its not my 29th or 30th birthdays…. for some reason my co-workers seem to think this is the case but its not… so I am setting the record straight.


  • Reply Dean Lisenby |

    so… are vendors allowed to rant back? I mean… you’d think there’d be an “obvious RSS subscription” link somewhere on this page.

  • Reply Jason Lee |

    Ouch… the blog is online for less than 24 hours and Dean-o is complaining already..

    Yes vendors can post rants… but just remember i have the power to DELETE! Ahh the power…

    About the RSS… i noticed that too… this template didn’t have it and i am working on fixing that…

  • Reply Dean Lisenby |

    I give credit where credit is due…. less than 5 hours after my RSS Request (not to be read as a rant), Mr. Lee comes through.

    Much like his favorite ChMS Vendor! :-)

  • Reply Brian Slezak |

    Welcome to the blogging world Jason! I’ll be watching in hopes that you’ll inspire me to blog more, because I don’t know what is worse – not having a blog, or having one and not blogging. Myself being a participant of the latter. :-/

    So blog away my friend. Blog away.

  • Reply David Szpunar |

    Hey welcome to the blogging club! Happy to see you chose WordPress, but you’re already out of date, 2.3′s been out for over half a month now, and 2.3.1 just came out. Sorry, had to find something to complain about to keep up with everyone else. Plus you got a lot more comments on your first post than I got on mine eight months ago…

  • Reply Josh LeVeque |

    Amazing, I never thought I’d see the day. I guess this means there is no need to have a fake Jason Lee blog created.

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