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No Cash from You…

It seems that Apple, Inc. is always inventing new products that will separate their customers from their money but their new strategy is interesting… They are telling their customers, that good old hard cash isn’t good enough for the iPhone.  Who would have thought that Apple was too good for your green backs….

Foxnews.com reports:   “Apple, Inc. no longer accepts cash for iPhone purchases, and now limits sales of the cell phone to two per person in a move to stop people from reselling them.”

This latest info is only on the heels that our fruit friendly company is making $18 per month per iPhone sold from their partner AT&T.

It seems like seeking to control the industry isn’t enough for Apple… now they have to control their customers buying power and the ability of their customers to resell their products… Where is the capitalistic ideal in that??  The IPhone is good enough for Apple to sell to their customers, but not good enough to sell again on Ebay.

So, what do you think ?