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do you use PCO and ACS?


I am looking to connect with others who use both Planning Center Online and ACS.  This last week Planning Center Online released an API to allow potential pushing and pulling of contact information out of their data. 

We have since we started using PCO been putting pressure on Jeff Berg and his team to allow us to synchronize the data sets between ACS and PCO.  Our creative arts team has raised the flag that having ‘people/contact’ information in two sources is becoming very very burdensome.

This makes me wonder what interest exists in a co-op to develop a sync tool for those who are using PCO and ACS. 

So the PCO API exists….  This is just another one of those wishing for more out of the tools that we have and urging those at ACS to help us develop the best tools possible.  ACS, how can we make this a reality? 


  • Reply Michael Foster |

    We use PCO which I just found out about last week. Where is the documentation for the API? I’d like to see about getting it integrated with Fellowship One. I browsed around the forum and it looks like there are some other people inquiring on this feature.

So, what do you think ?