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I have recently been using Goog411 (800-GOOG-411) from my mobile phone rather than traditional 411 service…  Why? Its free (not counting the use of airtime).  You can either have the information sent via SMS to your handset or they will connect you to the merchant at no cost. 

I have had great success with the voice recognition, and have only gotten one dead number when I used the service… A lot better than 800-Free-411 where the voice recognition often can’t figure out the name I am trying to look-up.

But the question is, how are they making it free?  800-Free-411 has you listen to several silly advertisements, but not Goog411…

I decided to look at the privacy policy to see exactly what  info they might be selling to make money… I think the list is acceptable for free 411 service, what say you? 

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  • Reply David Szpunar |

    Their privacy policy doesn’t bother me. Interesting you should mention their 411 service though. I’ve been using their SMS text message service (send query to GOOGL, or 46645) and so I almost never need to call via phone for 411. But Ars Technica just did a review I read a couple of days ago between Google’s phone 411 and Microsoft’s Live 411 competitive service, which is what I thought of when I saw your post. They did a lot more testing than I ever would!

    Fortunately (for us), Google and Microsoft can both afford to throw money at tiny solutions that are useful in the hopes that it’ll either be really big and they can sell more ads, or we’ll just love them so much more for all they do for us (so it’s branding, basically).

So, what do you think ?