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Tanner and Chuck two thumbs up!

I have noted when tech support has performed below our expectations in the past so that means I should also note when we receive excellent support too, right?

During our MDT Deployment I had had enough and decided that I wasn’t going to spend any more time on trouble shooting the issues… Thankfully we recently purchased a MSDN subscription and that included 4 telephone support incidents so Jeremie and I decided to give it a try.  I called the 800 number and was quickly routed to Tanner S. a senior support engineer who specializes in MDT and WDS.  I stated the issues we were having and Tanner quickly resolved our issue and I was on our way to success… so I thought.

After I completed the call with Tanner we came upon several other issues so I responded to the email he had sent me with the case number and asked 2 more questions which he quickly resolved.

After those issues were resolved we found a couple more problems and we contacted Tanners backup Chuck W.  who helped us resolve those issues.

These guys helped us resolve multiple issues which included:
- Windows PE not loading
- How to edit the startnet.cmd file when we had a timeout issue connecting to the WDS host
- Drivers not getting installed on images
- Including Intel Chipset drivers that are packaged and aren’t included in the OOBdrivers
- Application Installation errors during the MDT install

So needless to say these guys went over an above to get us going.  They could have simply said that the subsequent questions were not part of the case and closed the case but they were willing to conceder our support request all encompassing from the setup of MDT to the final deployment to our Dell 755s and we were allowed to ask questions along the way.  They solved our 1st problem and multiple other smaller issues afterward.  They both did it in a very gracious, and kind demeanor.  While they both could have told us to go find the answers on live.com or to read the documentation they were willing to answer all our questions… Even staying after their shift ended to make sure the test deployment completed without any errors after we made changes to the boot images. 

Kudos to Tanner and Chuck… Great customer support and a job well done!!!


  • Reply Scott L. |

    As an Escalation Manager in the group that Chuck and Tanner work (Chuck is on my team), I’m so proud to read how well they executed on our goal of providing world-class customer service and technical support. I’ll be sure to share your wonderful write-up with our entire support group here in Texas. Thanks for taking the time to highlight their outstanding service and support.

  • Reply Brick W. |

    I’ve known Chuck for years and, although i’m 6 years older than him, I have always looked up to him when it comes to tech stuff. And call him for help when I’m completely out of bullets on a problem. Chuck is by far one of the brightest tech savvy people I’ve ever known.

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