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ACS Technologies Dismisses CEO?

News today, confirmed by reliable sources inside ACS, is that the Board of Directors of ACS Technologies, our trusted ChMS partner, has released CEO and President Hal Campbell.

Significant leadership changes always generate waves, so here are the thoughts and questions that came to mind in conversation today with my colleague Kirt Manuel, communications director at Northwoods.

  • We have been very pleased with the partnership that has grown between us and ACS, even to the point of “Woah!” when ACS told us they were reorganizing their entire company to better serve megachurches like Northwoods. A sudden leadership change like this makes me think that the board of directors doesn’t approve of the company’s new direction. As our ministry operations are tightly wound up with ACS, we’d like some comment and explanation.
  • ACS has earned some recent “street cred” with the introduction of iPhone and Windows Mobile applications as well as talk of widgets, gadgets, and such. With Facility Scheduler and AccessACS , they’ve built on a modern, robust framework and released sweet APIs. They’re building hooks, links, and syncs with third-party tools such as Outlook/Exchange, Planning Center Online, Constant Contact and the like. We’re putting a lot of eggs in those baskets, but now we’re feeling a fear getting scrambled. What can you say to reassure us that ACS will continue this forward-looking, leading edge work?
  • From out here, ACS seems to be performing well in terms of product development, customer service, etc. Is that same performance excellence not carrying over to profitability? Is this decision a financial one?
  • If this is a difference of vision between the now former president and the other primary shareholders, perhaps, we the customer base, can clarify things and help you craft a vision that serves us well.
  • Who will take over this critical leadership role? Will you seek to hire from within or will you search some new outside expertise and vision?


  • Reply Bradley Miller |

    Does anyone have suggestions from an open source front for a ChMS system for smaller churches? I’m designing a child check-in system currently, and a component that ties into membership database would be fantastic.


  • Reply Kirt Manuel |

    @BradleyMiller — In this case, I think you’ll probably not come out ahead with an open source solution — unless you don’t have to count hours (staff and volunteers) against the cost of implementation and support. Just get CheckPoint from ACS. It’s an inexpensive solution that already works.

  • Reply Shawn Ross |


    I don’t know if you saw it, but there is a “press-release” type of document if you go digging for it. There isn’t a listing to it on their website’s first page, or in the “Client Portal” section. Have you received any communication re: this change? I have yet to receive anything from ACS involving the change of leadership.


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