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Tom Rogers new ACS tech President

I recently posted about the shocking news that our trusted ChMS partner, ACS Technologies, dismissed their President and CEO

Late Last week Marvin Owen of ACS Technologies posted a link to a press release on their company blog officially announcing the election of Tom Rogers as the President.  And Executive IT Director, Dean Lisenby posted this on his personal blog.

I am glad that the company released the information publicly and hope this is just one of several steps to communicate this leadership change with the customers.  

It is my hope that ACS has a plan to more “actively” communicate to the whole customer base.  I think it’s safe to assume the vast majority of the customers are completely unaware of this election since they don’t frequent the corporate blog. I have had several fellow customers ask me about this leadership change and I have to admit I know nothing more than what I have posted in my previous post and what I have read on the two blogs referenced above….Maybe a email to the entire customer base would be good next step detailing some of the answers to questions that are being asked.

If you don’t follow the ACS corporate blog I encourage you to check out the post and leave your own comments or questions… Or post your questions here.

So, what do you think ?