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CheckPoint Training

Less than a month away we will go live with the new Children’s Check-in system and the preparations are in full swing.  This weekend we hosted another training for Discoveryland volunteers (children’s ministry volunteers).

Our Project timeline is:
Pre-Registration Weekend Feb 28 – March 1

Go Live March 21-22

Electronic Check-in Required April 4-5

The pre-registration is required to capture the finger scans so once the system is online parents will be recognized by the system. Most families were very surprised how easy the scanning process was and it took at most 45 seconds to a minute for each person’s scans to be captured.

We are using ACS CheckPoint as well as M2Sys BioSnapOn to facilitate the finger scanning and family lookup.  The biometric lookup is almost instantaneous and the families don’t have to remember to bring a bar code card or key fob since its impossible to forget your finger prints.

Here are some photos of the IT team in action during the Training and Pre-Registration.


Jeremie, Linda and our IT volunteer Mark did a great job assisting parents to capture their finger scans.

CheckPoint Demo


Capturing a finger scan and testing self-service check-in

CheckPoint Demo


Linda showing what the Child ID badge and Parent Security badges look like.

CheckPoint Demo

So, what do you think ?