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ACS Backup during Updates

Dear ACS Technologies,

ACSWhy is your update installer configured only to occasionally run a backup during the updates?  Historically it has been hit or miss if the updater would run a backup as part of the update process, so as a result we run a backup before every update…. Then sometimes your updater runs a backup too.  Suddenly a 30 minute update now takes well over an hour. 

Additionally rumor has it the backup that runs during the update process has proven un-reliable or makes a corrupt backup that is not usable.

So I have a couple requests:

  • In the release notes, please note if the backup is going to run as part of the update sequence so I can plan to waste the extra 30-45 minutes during the update.
  • Give us the option to disable in update sequence backup… I am fine with this being a command line switch but please let me choose when the backups are going to run. 



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  • Reply Shawn Ross |

    I wholeheartedly agree…and I would love ANY command-line switches for the installer. You also can’t install the update silently, you have to wait and babysit the machine.

So, what do you think ?