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If you are using an Avaya IPOffice PBX and are planning to upgrade to version 4.2.14 or higher and use a PRI configuring ‘NI2’ (National) calling you might want to be aware of this Technical Tip from Avaya’s Site.

In this release of the software, without the mentioned private build, all outbound calling is rejected by the PRI provider because the PBX is sending calls in the wrong format.

From Avaya Enterprise Tools Knowledge base:

This Technical Tip is to advise customers of a potential issue with T1/PRI lines configured for NI2 that may occur on upgrades or new installations with IP Office releases 4.1(15) and 4.2(4).

It has been observed that T1/PRI line configurations may not accept a called party type set to “National Number”. Certain NI2 line configurations are set to accept only called party type “Unknown Numbering Plan". The network provider may not process calls with the "National Number" format, rejecting the call setup as an invalid number format. This results in the inability to initiate outbound calls. 

Avaya has produced private build 4.2(49601) to resolve the issue by providing the ability to adjust the called party type to "Unknown Numbering Plan". After installation of the private build you must activate the function by adding the following string into the NoUser Source Numbers tab and then merging the change into the configuration: NI2_CALLED_PARTY_TYPE=UNKNOWN

Avaya IPOffice 4.2.14


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