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Elf Yourself

While we were spending some time with my parents over the Thanksgiving holiday my wife, Natalie, came across this website.  While we were watching the football game Natalie was sitting on the couch laughing so hard she was crying… after about 10 minutes of saying “just wait its funny” and tears streaming down her face she showed us this page….While I didn’t find it as humours as my mom, dad and wife it is fairly cute.  So maybe you will cry laughing… or maybe just say that’s nice… but I’ll share the ‘hilarity’ with you. 

I do have to say this is one the more creative Internet advertising campaigns I have recently seen.  Just beware, its a pretty broad fair use clause attached to uploading your photos.. So you can’t sue OfficeMax when your photo appears on their commercials like the girl with the cellular telephone company.


So, what do you think ?