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Such a Registration Tool Does Exist, now.

UpwellingSignupSeveral weeks ago I asked Does Such a tool Exist? I was basically looking for a web tool that can take your “sign-up board” and make it an online registration.  After much digging and the feedback from several peers, we came to the conclusion that nothing existed… at least nothing that did all of what we wanted.

Mike, one of our volunteers, has been helping us bring our wordpress.mu server online and was in the office doing some finishing work on that server when we were talking about the online ‘sign-up’ project.  After some white boarding Mike said this was a project he could do, even in the two week window we had before our Upwelling Registrations had to go live.  We speced out the “Must Haves”, and the “Dreams” and Mike started coding away.

Well our go live date was April 14th and the web tool is online… and i thought i would take you thru a virtual tour of sorts.

Upwelling, our 2 day around the clock prayer event, includes 750 Blessing and Healing prayer slots during 14 hours of the event.  The web application divides the 14 hours into 20 minute segments that have on average 21 seats per segment and then displays how many remaining seats are in each room.  As registrations fill up, the system dynamically displays to registrants how many seats remain in every segment.



After the registrant selects the seat in the time slot desired, the registrant can add up to two additional guests for that time segment (assuming those seats are available).  For this event the rooms are limited to 3 seats by default, and if a group is bigger than 3 they can request a larger room thru the event organizer directly.



On the Administration Side we have provided the event organizer with a tool to manage the teams, rooms and registrants.  The event organizer can define their teams that host each room by adding teams and members in the admin side of the tool.


The logic was built into the system that a room doesn’t display to the public until the event organizer assigns a host team to each room.  This logic was what we used as the control to how many rooms display at each segment block.


Finally the event organizer can view, add and delete registrants from the Guest Scheduler admin view.  This is where the event organizer can bypass the ‘no more than three’ guest restriction that applies to the public side of the tool.



Now the questions remain, can we use our reporting and exporting functionality that we are still building out to import the guest and host team information into ACS CheckPoint to print badges and check in guests when they arrive on the day of the event.

Several of you said you would be interested in such a tool if it existed… if you want to talk about what we built email me and we can talk, jason [at]  jasonmlee [dot] net.

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