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MinistryTECH – Keynote Session 1

MinistryTECH 09 Day 1Brad Sheriff – VP of Brand Technology Sonic Drive In

Driving Innovation and Relevance

How to solve altitude sickness: Cherry Lime-Aid and Ice-Cream Sunday

Sonic Drive In is in 44 of 50 states





What does Innovation look like?  Who is the most innovative person?  Jerry Seinfeld – because he sees what the rest of us overlook and ignore  WWJD (What Would Jerry Do)

How Does Innovation lead to technology:

- Innovation breads directed activity and action

- Innovation creates positive energy

- Innovation leads to improvement

- Fail your way to success

How Sonic Tech Works


>    Project Management (Idea Gathering, Prioritization) >

              >    Retail|
               >   System Dev  – Developers
               >   Infrastructure – Data Center, Business Continuity, LAN/WAN

>  Implementation and Training

   – You can build anything you want, but you have to train people how to use it or the technology is useless

> Customer Service – Taking the time from learn from the experience that  you ‘customer’ has.Technology is not a perfect science, you have to be focused on the users.


You have to be deliberate about structure and process.

- Results Oriented departments get the $$ –

- If everyone understands how IT works they will include you in the decisions

- Perception Rules with the lack of hard facts

- Manage the expectations of your “customers”, there is always more good ideas than there is time.


Who’s First?

- Who defines where your organization is going technically? 

- Can your senior leadership tell you what your technical strategy in 30 words or less?

  – Can your staff?

Results – How/When do we Win?

- what is success?

Take away:

Balanced Initiatives

Know your customers

Get out More

Create a culture of Reinvestment/Return

Change the way you see the world

WWSD (What would Seinfeld Do?)

So, what do you think ?