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MinistryTECH Keynote 2

Social Networking in Ministry
Jeff Wilson
Henderson Hills Baptist Church

1. Why Should you be involved in social networking?

- Relationships with other like minded people

- Working in the Church can be lonely

- Get me out of the building without having to leave

2. Open the flow… allow for the the ability to have connections

- Be open to take a risk to have community formed online.

- Be willing to move away from the business and move towards the ministry aspects.

3. Empower the Church

- Our role is to empower the church

- There is value in appearing to be current with technology for those outside the church.

4. Maximize the Technology

- Move from “Old” to “New”

5. Become the Church “Geek Squad”

- Train

- Use your Skilz

- Share the Info

- Produce/Share

- Help Student Ministry provide training for “Do’s and Don’ts” for social networking for Children and parents

6. Become the Catalyst

- Help others on your ministry team maximize social networks

- You are more than a repairman

- Partnering with vendors to incorporate social networking with ministry

- Don’t stay in your office

- Be an influencer

So, what do you think ?