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MinistryTECH Keynote 3 – Attaining Relevance

David Drinnon

Pastor of Technology and Websites – Second Baptist Church

Relevance – positioning all things in a way that our message is readily received by our audience.
As technologists we are the stake holders of the technology that enters our Ministries.

How do we make the message of the Gospel Relevant?
- Is relevancy the right question to ask?
> Does the message of the Gospel become watered down when we attempt to make it relevant?
> Does the message of the Gospel need us to “make” it relevant?

“Just believe is like saying Drink the Punch, Take the Pill” – David Drinnon

Commitment to Relevancy and not the Gospel can lead to dangerous place.

Are you so involved in the pursuit of the medium you loose the message?

> Don’t put the medium before the message

Ephesians 2:1
You were dead to your transgressions and sins.
> What is it to be dead?  The dead don’t bear any fruit, No Value, Morally bankrupt before God.
> The trust of the dead is miss-placed.
> The Dead have no sorrow for sin, Worldly sorry brings Death.
> Death is the absence of everything.

God isn’t giving us a resuscitation, he is giving us a RESURECTION… he is brining us back to Life not just riving us.

There are a ton to technologies but they have no meaning unless you have THE message.

Matt. 28:18-20 Everyone is called to ministry… Don’t get suck behind the gear find out what are the needs of people beyond the technology.

It doesn’t matter the amount of gear, the amount of knowledge, the size of your church…. God has called you to a mission of ministry.

“In matters of style swim with the current, in matters of principle stand like a rock”

The Gospel itself alone is RELEVANT, it alone changes lives.  Our Relevance isn’t in the medium but in the MESSAGE.

So, what do you think ?