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CIT Roundtable 1

Cool Tools

BombBomb.com “affordable” but cool

RoyalTS – Remote Desktop Console Tool FREE
> http://www.code4ward.net/main/RoyalTS/Overview.aspx


MRemote FREE

LovelyCharts.com “affordable paid account”

SpiceWorks – Scans Macs, PCs, Servers give alerts on changes updates, problems.

Kiwi Solarwinds toolset




Mobiscope Desktop

 Volunteers in IT

> How to recruit Volunteers:

– Volunteer Fair
– Make the needs Known and make the descriptions detailed and clear
– Define the scope for the volunteers

– Let your volunteers see the blinkly lights on a tour

Backups and Offsite Backups

- Backups are for the weak in faith –Bryson

- What is Offsite?  Off campus, other building, other property owner

- Who is the stake holders in the backup decision

- Leadership team has to make a choice what the order for coming back online is.

– Have leadership commit to the decisions of how you come back online after a disaster

– Disaster doesn’t just mean data issues..  power, data, hv/ac


Not all storage is created equal…

> Media Production have tiers of storage – Online, Near Online, Not Really Online (wait time)

So, what do you think ?