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Sonicwall Roadshow Part 1

Sonicwall RoadShowDolph Smith– Sonicwall SE

One of the largest threats we face is the content “we” create: Wikipedia, Facebook, etc.

Not every threat is web based.


Dave Perry – Director of Software Engineering

Ten Things your Firewall Should Do
What are your employees doing? Web Surfing, Twitter, Facebook, Downloading files, IM, Video, Games, Email

Facts at work:
25% of employees do peer to peer sharing
16% of men 8% of women admit viewing pornography at work
25% of the office internet traffic is non-business related

Non-Traditional Malware
Prediction – Malware disguised as “Benign social networking links” will be the top threat to data security in 2009 “HiJacks your need to be liked”

1. Manage Streaming video
2. Bandwidth management

3. Webmail Data Loss
4. Application use enforcement
5. Deny FTP upload
6. Keep P2p2 apps under control
7. Manage streaming music
8. Prioritize Application bandwidth
9. Block Confidential Docs
10. Block/log forbidden files


Product Updates
UTM Products

SonicOS 5.5 Update (Due out in Fall)

- SSO Improvements
- 4WAN links
- Active/Active UTM (UTM processing on HA host spare)

Content Filter “We know we have dropped the ball” we have 4 people working on that project and expect a more enterprise robust feature set by fall.

So, what do you think ?