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Primo Customer Service


In the past I have been known to write about customer service that was lacking… But this time I have to share some customer service that just left me speechless….

Natalie and I decided to do our own lawn fertilizer and weed control this year…. and yes by “we” I really mean me.  I just couldn’t pony up the $200 for someone to walk my lawn… I already owned the sprayer and spreader so we made the decision to go back to our own lawn care.

I purchased Scotts Weed-Be-Gone and Scotts Turf Builder Plus Weed Control and applied them as directly six weeks apart but still had some weeds growing… annoying.

So I called the customer service number and got a delightful representative who was very willing to listen to my concerns…

I know some of you might find it hard to believe, but I hadn’t called with the intention to get anything free or replaced… I just wanted to make sure that I was applying the products correctly and to see how soon I could re-apply the products.

So while we chatted the customer service representative assured me that I had read the instructions and followed them correctly and then says, “I am processing your refund check for both products, where should I send the refund”… I was speechless…. I had no anticipation of a refund, but Scotts was willing to stand behind the product they would send me a check even without sending a proof of purchase, just because I had to call and the product hadn’t performed as expected!

WOW an A+ to Scotts for Customer Service!  There is no wondering if I’ll switch brands next time I shop for Lawn Care products!  Kudos for good Customer Service… the Art of Caring about customers isn’t dead!

So, what do you think ?