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GCC Church IT RoundTable Session 2

Revisit SLA of DR with Executive Team

Computer Emergency Response Team Cert – http://www.cert.org/

StorageCraft – http://www.storagecraft.com/


  • Allow/Block?
  • Content Filtering -
  • Open DNS
  • Dan’s Guardian
  • Sonicwall Content Filtering
  • Untangle
  • IPCop
  • Estro

PC and Mac Solutions for Mac remote clients

  • Not Blocking IM – But Archiving it?

Why do IM?

  • Step between email and a phone call
  • Reduce Email Ping Pong

Why Not do IM

  • File Transfer conduit

Colaboration Tools

  • Live Mesh
  • Groove
  • Adobe Connect
  • Skype
  • FreeConfrencecall.com
  • Callaflower.com
  • Mobile Content Filtering
  • Convenient Eyes – Accountability Software


  • Postini – $1500 min
    • Resellers are a little more $$ but they provide support direct from Google doesn’t
  • Barracuda
  • Sonicwall
  • ExchangeDefender

Inbound and Outbound filtering

  • Catching outbound emails containing credit card information

Data (PCI) Compliance – how are you managing data on laptops etc.

  • Policy /Guidelines
  • Enabling TPM
  • Cornel Spider – Searches computer for security numbers http://www2.cit.cornell.edu/security/tools/
  • If its important enough to keep from people seeing it… its important enough to have backed up centrally
  • Make the Network Work and make the network Secure… those two are mutually Exclusive… there has to be balance.

Admin or not to Admin (locally)

  • Why Local Admin – Super rapid growth couldn’t support locked down machines

So, what do you think ?