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GCC Church IT RoundTable Session 3

Admin or Not to Admin cont.

What happens when they have admin rights and things go bad

  • If you allow Admin access you "Must" have standardization and images of each "flavor" of workstation.
  • What do users "need"?
  • Does Software and Hardware get purchased Centrally?
  • Some applications get un happy when they don’t have local permissions

Spyware Removal

  • Malwarebites.org

Application Deployment/Virtualization


  • Ewallet
  • SecretServer – Multi User
  • How Frequently do the passwords change

What is the burden on IT of the "pitfalls" of Social Media

  • Leadership has to decided assisted with by the direction of IT what the orgization’s going to "Use" social media for… then IT has to come along side with the vision/mission
  • We have to digest social media for our leadership so they "get it"
  • Find an advocate for IT on staff… find someone who can digest Technology on your behalf.

So, what do you think ?