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GCC Church IT Roundtable session 4


  • What are you buying when you buy a SIP Trunk
    • Voice dial tone over the data connection rather than a PRI
  • Bandwidth.com
  • Many are seeing cost savings in the $1k’s
  • Make sure your PS/ALI (911) is compatible
  • Do you need to keep copper for Fire, Elevator, etc…
    • In some areas this can be done wireless
  • What about Hosted PBX
    • Bandwith.com can be trusted for this.
    • Response point is second possible solution

Gapps or Exchange or hosted exchange

Approachability – Friendly IT

  • Users have to be able to approach IT
  • How do you help your users ask questions when they should be asking question?
    • Use a Ticketing System they can ask for things they might not think to ask when chatting in conversation.
      • Zen Desk
  • Ask for meeting times be proactive don’t wait
  • Set appropriate expectations for the users when you will be able to respond.


  • Tracking ticketing time
  • How much does a new staff member cost?
  • Do leadership make Technology a priority?

So, what do you think ?