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ACS/AD Sync Conference Call

ACSAs mentioned in this previous post as well as this previous post, we have been Alpha testing a AD Sync tool to synchronize contact information from the ACS database into Outlook contacts.

Over the past 6 months we have been working with Dean Lisenby and the team at ACS thru the concepts as well as logistics of a tool to make contact info from ACS accessible thru Outlook and Exchange.

ACS has established a price-tag for this project and we have commitments to fund about half of the project. (Those committing funding to the project include Henderson Hills Church, Windsor Crossing Community Church, First Baptist Belton, and Northwoods)

Several others have asked questions like:
“Why would we sync ACS to AD?”
“Is this something that I could use?”
“when would we have to pay for it”
“will we have development input?”

We will be discussing this with other ACS Customers who might want to be contributors and collaborators on this project in a conference call Monday July 13th in the Afternoon.

If you want in on this discussion please leave a comment and we’ll get you the bridge info.

To keep the call productive we’ll probably cap the call at no more than 5-6 callers.

So, what do you think ?