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Cool new feature with WordTwit Update

I stumbled across a new feature in WordTwit 2.0 today, which has been there for quite a while… but since I missed it I didn’t want anyone else to miss out any longer…

Incase your not familiar with WordTwit, its the WordPress Application that can be used to push updates from your blog to your twitter account.  This nice little application simply tweets what ever you want (140 characters or less obviously) with several variables like title and a link to the post.

WordTwit has always been able to provide a shortened url via TinyURL but now you can provide a shortened url branded with your domain name.

While those services work well for URL shortening, they have the disadvantage of not being branded to your site or your Twitter account. To that end, we’ve added the ability in WordTwit for your own WordPress installation to act as a URL shortener. So if you had a website with an address of www.domain.org, WordTwit will let you generate short URLs of the form domain.org/Xa.

Since you are using your own domain shortening tool you now have the ability to track the number of times the shortened URL is clicked all within the WordPress Admin.



Cool new features on an already cool tool.

So, what do you think ?