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ACS (ChMS) and PCO integration … Dead for now

As I have discussed in previous posts  [1] , [2] and [3] we would love for synchronization or sharing of data between our ChMS and Planning Center Online.  My recent push has been to get the sync to work for ACS and PCO, obviously because that would impact us most because we use ACS. 

In our conversations with PCO Owner Jeff Berg we found out that PCO had plans to synchronize with multiple ChMS products not just ACS, which was great.  In that conversation multiple staff from ACS talked thru how to make the APIs work and for PCO to integrate. It looked like we finally had progress to an integrated solution not just for ACS but all Church Management systems.

Then turn the page a couple months later, and this week I was disappointed to receive the email below, which I totally can understand but disappointed none the less.

Hey Jason,

I just wanted to let you know that we have decided to kill our "SharpSync" project for now. We have been working on it for over a year and just have not seen any fruit from it. The complexities of working with different schemas & APIs are too big of a hurdle for our small team to attack…


We have had a long discussion this morning about integration and the difficulties in what we were trying to accomplish. We have found this too large of a task for us to accomplish.  This is not just with ACS but with all of the other ChMSs we were talking to. We have spent over a year and a lot of cash doing this and just haven’t found a reliable way to integrate with all of the ChMS systems out there.  Every time we thought we were clear we would run into a hurdle with an API or data consistency issue.

We have discussed this with some other ChMSs and some have decided to integrate from their end…

I’m really sorry for this, I was very excited for this project but it just didn’t work.



So if you who have asked about such a tool, I encourage you to contact your ChMS and see if there is a way to make this project work.  If you are an ACS customer contact Sally Grantham and let her know your needs and interests.

I will stay to the PCO crew, thanks for the effort, and I still hope that we can see this product work.

So, what do you think ?