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Snow Day Adventure


Jonathan's first experience in the snow!Since today was a snow day, I thought I would break the silence here on the blog.  Well not exactly a snow day with no work or school… but Jonathan’s first day to play in the snow. 

Over the past few weeks Natalie has insisted to find a great buy and purchase snow pants for Jonathan incase of a big snow… Well she found the deal, and I hope Jonathan likes the pants because they are big enough for about 3 winters!

We found the deal just in time for an ‘amazing’ snow fall of 1.5 inches which warranted a snow day.  So Today after we finished lunch we all go our warm gear on (some more gear than others) and headed out to the snow.




Of course when you are out in your first snow adventure, you have to learn you can eat snow as long as it’s not yellow snow (or brown, thanks Toby).

Jonathan's first experience in the snow!

Jonathan's first experience in the snow!


Since the snow was really wet we decided to make a Snow Man… as soon as I started rolling the snow we could hear  “Ba, Ba Ba” (Jonathan’s word for Ball).  The bigger the snow ball, the faster and LOUDER we heard “Ba, Ba, Ba”.  Soon he was yelling “BA”.

Jonathan's first experience in the snow!


After rolling snow, we had our finished project and it was time for Dad to head back to the office, I think Jonathan enjoyed our lunch time adventure.

Jonathan's first experience in the snow!

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