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Full Contact Baptism

A few weeks ago we had a big baptism service at Northwoods.  Since I am on the pastoral staff team I get to be part of the team that does the baptisms (in the lake in the summer, or this time THANKFULY inside!)  During our weekend services, over 115 people were baptized, it was a really cool weekend. 

I baptized several people in each of the services but one individual was most ‘memorable’. 

This particularly ‘memorable’ baptism made me think back to my practical ministry class in college where we all went to the pool and practiced dunking each of our classmates so we would know how to baptize people without falling over or leaving the person under the water etc.  But one thing they didn’t teach usin that class was to watch out for wild flying punches.

One of the guys I was baptizing who will remain nameless (to protect the not so innocent) was so excited when he came out of the water he jumped up with both fists in the air.  Well both fists were in the air AFTER one made contact squarely on my left eye.  After seeing a few stars, turned my back to the crowd not knowing what my face looked like and assured my wet friend everything was ok.  I was just happy I didn’t fall over knocked out cold.

I spent the next few hours wondering if I would wake up on Monday with a black eye as a Baptism weekend souvenir.  Luckily I didn’t have such a souvenir.

During the baptism services photographers were snapping shots to catch the exciting moments for each of those being baptized and they caught this action shot.

Black Eye Baptism

So, what do you think ?