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ACS CheckPoint Part 1 – Why Biometric

Its been just over a year since we launched CheckPoint, an ACS Technologies product, as the software we used to do electronic check in our Discoveryland (Children’s Ministry), birth thru 5th grade.  Being a year out from that launch I am posting a series of posts evaluating the project and also documenting the launch of our second phase in our Jr Hi and Sr. High ministries.

This series of posts will not specifically look at ACS’ Checkpoint product or how to deploy checkpoint specifically, but you can review that by checking out the workshop Taught at the 2009 ACS Convention.

Part 1: Why Biometric?
Part 2: Why Vein Scanning?
Part 3: Installing M2sys Vein Scan Server & Configuring the Database
Part 4: Installing M2Sys BioPlugin Vein Scanning Client
Part 5: Configuring the M2sys Vein Scanning Client and ACS CheckPoint

The Discoverlyand launch used Finger Print Scanners and software made by M2sys.  The parent uses the biometrics to authenticate to the system and in turn sees their family record on screen.  The Choice to use finger print scanning was driven by two factors: speed of check-in and security.

CheckPoint already had the ability to use barcodes and phone number lookup but two concerns were identified with those methods used exclusively.  The first concern is you could always leave the barcode in the car or at home and you would need to then check-in at a desk (taking time away from guest services) or use another method like name or number lookup.  The concerns name and phone number lookup was it took longer for each person to check-in and we couldn’t require pre-registration before using express check-in.  Name and Number lookup might result in you finding your family, but that might be from other involvement (giving, small group, etc) in the church and those vehicles for getting in the database might not include capturing family information.  Resulting in a poor user experience where you can display your record but your children aren’t able to be checked into the system.

Discoveryland has established a process for registration that needs to be completed before you use express check-in for a classroom.  This process includes parents agreeing not to drop children off and and run to the grocery as well as other logistics of how old is your child and what grade are they in.  With this information we can, which a much higher percentage of accuracy, know that your check-in process will work more smoothly.

Once the pre-registration data is collected and entered into the database a family can be pre-register for express check-in with the finger scan.

With the finger scanning we were able to speed up the process of check-in as well as limit the usage of the system to those who have appropriately identified themselves to the Discoveryland team.

Next Part 2: Why Vein Scanning vs.Finger Print Scanning

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