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Don’t forget to keep your templates

Well we had another great experince with VMware technical support.  Our $500 24/7 support for VMWare Server has paid off one more time. 

Because of our recent SAN crash we had to rebuild many of our virtual servers, one of those was our second Domain Controller.  I powered this ‘empty virtual server’ off earlier this week so I could make sure that I had completely removed all referances to its predicesor from the metadata in AD.  So we walked thru the microsoft KB article ‘How to remove data in Active Directory after an unsuccessful domain contorller demotion’ (Granted it was unsuccessful because the server didnt’ exist anymore not because DCPromo didn’t work).

So after AD is cleaned up I waited 24 hrs for AD to replicate and produce a days worth of clean event logs and all was well… until i tried to boot the virtual DC.  VMware returned a message that the server was not in inventory.  Not in invetory I could see the name displayed right there in the inventory list.  I quickly checked and the server’s VMDK and other files were all in the correct location… so i called VMware Support.

After the normal “I normally support ESX not Server, let me try to help” routine we are accustom to the tech remotely connected and remove the server from the host registration.  He then said build a new server and copy the hard drive into that directory… Better yet he said I could take the template we have and just copy that config over.

So I saved the harddrive file and put it with the template config and booted up the machine… And we are back in business.

100% success with VMware Support.

So, what do you think ?