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ACS CheckPoint Part 4 Installing M2sys BioPlugin Vein Scan Client

This post is post 4 in a series of 5 posts on ACS CheckPoint and M2Sys Biometric Scanning.

Part 1: Why Biometric?
Part 2: Why Vein Scanning?
Part 3: Installing M2sys Vein Scan Server & Configuring the Database
Part 4: Installing M2Sys BioPlugin Vein Scanning Client
Part 5: Configuring the M2sys Vein Scanning Client and ACS CheckPoint

Previously I documented our process of selecting hardware and software as well as installing the server, now I will document Installing & Configuring M2Sys Vein Scanning Client.

This part of the installation is to install the application that allows the scanner to work and talk to the database to recall a record and identify a person to the application (in our case CheckPoint).

As previously mentioned, the M2sys Vein Scanning and Fingerprint Scanning applications are two separate applications for the related technology. At the time of writing this documentation it is not possible to use a vein and finger print scanners on the same computer concurrently.  Although I have been told by M2sys that a combined solution is in development to allow both scanners to be connected to the same workstation concurrently.

Note: Most steps are identical for Fingerprint Scanning Server and DB but Vein Scanning install requires a different installer than the BioPlugin for Finger Print Scanning.
Your mileage may very depending upon your environment, do due diligence before following these procedures.

Installing M2Sys BioPlugin Client
After downloading the installer running it on a XP, Vista, or Windows 7 workstation is fairly standard.  This installer does not install the server application and the software will not work without the proper install of the server application.

Do not connect the Scanner to the computer before starting the client install process.  Connecting the hardware prior to the client install can make the device driver install significantly more difficult.

Start the installer:



Agree to the Licensing Agreement



Enter your User and Organization Names



Choose your Installation Location
The Default is C:Program FilesBioPlugin



Choose Install to confirm the installation configuration



Installation Continues without any additional user interaction



Click Finished when the Install is done.



After the installer finishes you are prompted to install the scanner



After you connect the scanner you may be prompted to locate the driver.



Hit Browse and navigate to C:Program FilesBioPluginDrivers and locate the file HjmCap.sys
The file will be located in the Installation Destination that you choose earlier in the install process.







After you have located the driver the installation process is complete.

The next step is to configure the M2sys Vein Scanning Client and ACS CheckPoint.

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