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F5, FatPipe or Radware

Our continuing increase in online media, hosted services and a general need for speed has lead us to a quest for more bandwidth.  The acquiring of more bandwidth we are learning is the easy and less costly part of the venture.  The most expensive part of our quest is turning  out to be the hardware to combine multiple connections to deliver said bandwidth to our network.

We have contracted with AT&T to replace our A5T1 and with Insight (soon to be Comcast) to provide two 15mbx1.5mb cable modem connections.  We are ditching A5 for several reasons: 1 the price, they are charging double for the same service as AT&T and they won’t even try to match the price 2. Their support is plain awful; while the connectivity has been good, any time we call them its awful.  One example: during an outage we needed some information about our IP addresses and router.  I had previously given every possible contact info about me.  I verified that info and yet they still insisted on returning my call 90 minutes later… Since then we have been on a quest to change vendors.

So since the closest available fiber is over 2 miles away, we have landed with the 3 link solution.  We are currently evaluating 3 products. Link Controller by F5, FatPip’s 30Mb WARPand Radware’s Link Proof.

Have you ever used any of these products?  If you have and would like to chat with us email me or post your thoughts in the comments…

More to come… Online Demos: 2 down 1 to go.  So far each company is willing to give us a 30 day trial too….


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    I don’t understand most of this post and, as such, have nothing to comment about on it.

    I just couldn’t figure out how else to get on the JML blog list or how to get updates……so I’m trying here.

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