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ACS Tech #Impact10 Child Check-in

While at ACS Technologies Ideas to Impact Conference I have the opportunity to participate on a panel of  peers talking about Child Security.  My primary contribution in this workshop is discussing Check-In Systems; how to evaluate and deploy check-in systems as well as use of biometrics and information security.

I have blogged in the past about checkpoint so here I have compiled a few of the previous posts that might be helpful.

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ACS CheckPoint -  Installing M2sys Vein Scan Server & Configuring the Database – April 2010
ACS CheckPoint – Installing M2Sys BioPlugin Vein Scanning Client – April 2010
ACS CheckPoint – Configuring the M2sys Vein Scanning Client and ACS CheckPoint – May 2010
ACS CheckPoint – ACS Convention CheckPoint 201 – May 2009

So, what do you think ?