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MS Lync 2010–Deployment Prep

This is part two of the MS Lync Deployment Series:

Project Scope
Preparing for Deployment – Research and Education and Pricing
Deployment of Standard Server & Director Role
Deployment of Edge and Reverse Proxy
Deployment of Lync Voice Capabilities
Configuring Lync PSTN Calling thru Avaya IPOffice
Configure Lync 4 Digit Extension Dialing without DIDs
Configure Asterisk as a SIP Proxy for Avaya IPO and and Lync
Deployment of Lync Client to users
Testing Configuration of Backup Registrar


Preparing for Deployment – Research and Education and Pricing
We started reviewing products that would fulfill the requirements of our project in late summer of 2010.  At that time most of the products we were reviewing were primarily video conferencing/voice providers.  The list included but wasn’t limited to: Skype, WebEx, Adobe Connect, ooVoo, TokBox, Windows Live Messenger, Microsoft Office Communications Server and some various locally hosted IM solutions.   While many would fit many of our requirements few would allow for centrally managed and deployed solutions.  Others wouldn’t fit the budget.

Many times we reviewed OCS but felt that it lacked many of the “WebEx” type web conferencing tools and was quite costly for IM and Presence.  Not to mention deployment appeared to be a fairly large undertaking.

Most “free” or low cost solutions had no integration points with our existing voice system and/or deployment and management were extremely difficult to manage on a scale past just a couple computers.  Example: Skype and ooVoo could both do video/voice but deployment was nearly impossible to the whole organization even though the price was right (Free or almost free)

In the Early fall of 2010 MS Lync was on the horizon and better integrated many of the ‘lacking’ features of its predecessor OCS.  Very quickly Lync was much more than IM and started to fit many of our criteria.

After attending WinConnections conferencing in Las Vegas in November 2010 we had enough information to make a decision…. Lync was the right tool for our organization.


Documentation/Tools/Resources for Learning about and Deploying Lync

Because Lync is a fairly young product I have documented the tools/resources that we have used as educational guides and deployment guides for Lync.  Because we started testing for our deployment in the fall of 2010 MS Lync was still in RC (Release Candidate) form.  Most of the documents can be applied to the RTM version and since then MS has released other resources… but here is a good list to start you off:


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