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F5 is ‘out’?

Our quest for Link Aggrigation and Load Balancing continues and I ‘think’ we have removed one horse from the race.

F5 is a great product don’t get me wrong, they appear to have a great product line but they don’t appear to specialize in this space.  Our Reasons for taking them out of the running:
-While their linkcontroller would work, it also appears to be another solution repackaged to ‘fit’ in this niche.  They also wanted to tell us we needed a lot more stuff than we do.. i.e site caching, high amounts of compression, etc.  While these features are great we decided we don’t need them in this box.
-The other concern, it only has 4 ports.  All the competition has at lest 8 ports on their devices and would seem to grow and expand with us more.
- Lastly the price.  Their bids are $4k-$5K more than any other vendor in this space.  While their product might be worth the price, its out of our price range.

So who is still in the running?  The two front runners are Warp by FatPipe, Inc. and LinkProof50 by Radware.  Where do we stand with those two?  Radware has a little lead, we like their interface and the granularity they provide in the load-balancing.  The demo-to-buy units from FatPipe and Radware are in the works and on their way.

There are some dark horses entering the race… Larry our hardware specialist from Dell has recommended we look at products from Barracuda, Juniper and Citrix… we’ll see what they recommend.

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