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ACSTech Ideas to Impact Workshop

This year I had the privilege of leading a workshop again at the ACSTechnologies Ideas to Impact Conference.  Its super fun to have these conversations with my peers and I enjoy learning how others are harnessing technology in Ministry.

Again this year we had a awesome IT RoundTable on Tuesday as a pre-convention day.  Dean Lisenby does a great job hosting this event that is for both ACS Customers and anyone involved in church IT.

If you are an ACS Customer, Ideas to Impact is a don’t miss this yearly event… Not to mention that Impact2013 is in Orlando FL @ Disney!  It is invaluable to attended the workshops and learn about the tools we have available, but even more so to interact personally with your peers and the staff at ACS.

I lead a workshop this year on 10 Best Practices for IT in the Church.  While these aren’t the only best practices but 10 important practices in Church IT.

We talked thru multiple technologies and various resources so I have posted the slide deck & links here as requested by the attendees of the workshop.


  • Reply Don Stephens |

    Great session in Atlanta.

    We are looking to extend our building wireless (current using off the shelf consumer grade technology) that works but cannot be centrally managed, upgraded easily, etc. and are looking for a commercial solution.

    We have a large building with multiple classrooms and one smaller youth building (has fiber to it) that we are looking to upgrade. If you could point me to a recommended vendor/brand I’ll do the rest.



  • Reply jasonlee |

    @Don Stephens
    It was great to have you join us in Atlanta! There are alot of solutions for wifi but I recommend when you get over just one or two APs that you go with a managed solution. This allows you to run multiple wireless networks, limit bandwidth usage, or see who is on wifi if needed and other helpful tasks.
    The two players that are gaining popularity are http://www.ubnt.com/unifi and http://www.ruckuswireless.com/… there is a great conversation going on here: http://citrt.onthecity.org/groups/53258/topics/731793
    Some good partners to talk wifi with are Beama Information Technologies & Mirazon

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