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World Backup Day–20% off @Crashplan

Monday March 31st is World Backup Day… and in honor of this day, a brief Public Service Announcement.

Imagine if everything on your computer was gone… I’m talking… All your photos, music, documents and videos gone.  I don’t mean temporarily gone… I mean like forever… never again accessible gone..

In the world of IT, the reality is not if your computer will crash, but when.  At some time your computer’s hard drive / SSD, Power Supply, Motherboard, or other component will die and are you ready for that?

One way to prepare for the inevitable is to have a backup of your data.  This doesn’t prevent your computer from having issues but makes life a little more tolerable when it does. 

Nothing is worse than having someone call me and say they have a problem with a device asking for help and when asked “where is the backup saved” it’s that dreaded deer in the headlights look.

So in Honor of World Backup Day and out of respect for your family member or friend who fixes your stuff… Please Backup your computers.

Imagine this…it’s such a coincidence…  Crashplan.com is even offering a 20% off coupon thru March 31st.  That’s as low as $3.16 per month for one computer or $7.16 per month for up to TEN COMPUTERS!
(And no, thanks for asking I get nothing from Crashplan for referring you, I just want to see you backup your computers!)

What is Crashplan you ask?  It’s a service that does your computer backup for you… off site and secure.  If you use crashplan you don’t have to worry about that pit in your stomach feeling when your computer is dead and your favorite IT Guy or Gal asks where is your backup saved.

End of PSA, you may now continue about your normally scheduled programming.

So, what do you think ?