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Funny Phone call…

So recently I have been ‘helping’ our campus services guys remove the snow from our parking lots.  I say ‘helping’ because I think it has been helpful, but I enjoy the snow, and I enjoy trying to assist these guys since they have worked really hard over the past few months keeping things clear during all the snow.


A little background, while plowing yesterday in the Skid Steer (pictured above) every time I tilted the bucket down and lifted the front wheels to put pressure on the bucket a little beeping would start… when I dumped the bucket it would stop.  Mark, or Campus Services Director told me when I asked that was the low fuel alert… Duh, sure enough the Fuel gage had just two bars remaining…

  Fast forward to today….I get a call from Mark and he tells me he is out of fuel in the Skid Steer..I said “Ok… we’ll then why are not refueling and calling me”… he then tells me that the arm for the bucket was up when he was scraping the parking lot, and he couldn’t get out.  What you have to know is the bucket lifts in front of the door, and (by safety design I am sure) you can’t open the door to get out when the bucket is in the air.  Well engine off, bucket up in the air, no get out.  So I came to Mark and Isaac’s aid only after snapping a few photos.



Makes me think… what if… You didn’t have your cell phone, it was 10 pm and you run out of fuel in the Skid Steer… the roll cage would not let you crawl out the windows… Note to self when plowing always have your cell phone charged and in your pocket.

So, what do you think ?