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ME part deux?

For the past 12 months I have been saying that Vista was going to be the next Windows ME, granted I haven’t used the OS much.  But my hunch may become more of a reality now that Service Pack 1 is out and includes a upgrade of the kernel. 

APCMag.com reports:

One of the “big” features discussed in early speculation of Windows Vista SP1 was the kernel upgrade, which was supposed to bring the operating system into line with the Longhorn kernel used in Windows Server 2008. And yet with Vista SP1 going RTM, there hasn’t been so much as a peep from Microsoft about the mooted kernel update. Has it happened?

Well the answer is yes it has, and presumably the main reason for Microsoft’s silence on the subject is that as they’re keen to promote the improvements and enhancements to Vista, rather than placing emphasis on a kernel upgrade, which some people might see as a risk of newly-introduced instability.

This might be the back breaker for Vista, since many enterprise environments have been waiting to deploy Vista until SP1.  Changing the kernel might be too much for many environments and will further delay the migration from XP to Vista.  Our environment will be one of those waiting, we had waited until SP1, but most-likely will continue to wait.  While the update to the kernel may result in wonderful things… I just wonder if the PROs  might be become CONs for the credibility of MS’s Vista…  So we will wait and see the facts when Windows 7 becomes the successor to Vista in 2009ish; will we look back at Vista as the solid OS, or the experiment by Redmond?


  • Reply David Szpunar |

    Well, I guess I’ll be a guinea pig on this one. Someone just donated a nice new Dell T4300 to the IT Dept. because I needed a new workstation, and it’s got Vista Ultimate. It’s my first experience with Vista on a machine I work with regularly, and it just came in on Friday. So far no problems, it runs like a charm and I can’t seem to slow it down (and I multitask a lot!). Maybe I’ll throw SP1 on there this week and see how it goes…

So, what do you think ?