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FatPipe or Radware Round 2

Our demo of the FatPipe and Radware continues,both vendors have extended our 30 day trial a few more weeks.  The primary reason for the extension is the delay in Insight - now Comcast getting our static addresses assigned.  The demo day from Radware was good except we had to ‘steal’ several DHCP addresses from Comcast since they haven’t assigned us addresses yet.  This worked on one of the boxes, but we didn’t yet test the redundant box because we couldn’t keep the number of needed addresses from changing.  The lag in getting the IPs is because of the Comcast/Insight switch over.  A little frustration is setting in since Comcast has had 20 days to resolve this and they haven’t.  Our contact has communicated they are working up the chain at Comcast, but really how long should 5 Static addresses take…. I digress back to the review.

In the process, Jeremie and I concluded on the 15th of January that we were going to proceed with Radware not FatPipe and we contacted our sales rep and let him know.  He was heading out of town so we reconnected this Monday.  Quickly after we let them know we wanted to send their boxes back the the executives at FatPipe frequented my blog and read our round 1 reviews of the demos.  Our rep called on Monday and asked that we continue the eval of the FatPipe and said we need to do what ever possible to see if we could make the sale… I said I wouldn’t guarantee anything, but we would be willing to continue the demo… he agreed so Jeremie unpacked the Fatpipe.

So we continued our testing with the FatPipe.  The units are easy to configure and Jeremie got them working fairly quickly.  We have added our old SOHO2 Sonicwall firewall and VLaned this connection to a couple test workstations. 

Test One  is focused around a web-stream we receive.  One of our ministries have requested a continuous 1.2mb web-stream, which obviously was just choking our T1.  I have to say, wow a web-stream at that bit rate when you have the bandwidth is quite nice. To simulate a normal user load and the stream we started testing by pulling in the web-stream on three machines at the same time while i downloaded several 100mb files from several sites.  We quickly notice issues, the Fatpipe was routing all the connections out Wan3.  A quick call to FatPipe support and we corrected the routing issue from our configuration.

Thoughts from Test One:there are only 3 choices for routing options on the FatPipe Hardware including Round-Robin, Fail-over.  These options resulted in our testingWan3 to be over loaded with just a little on Wan2.  Granted in a larger deployment you would have more than 3 computers accessing the Internet, but in our scenario the Round-Robin isn’t performing as we would like.  We will test this on the Radware box to compare.

We have learned that QOS (Quality of Service) on the FatPipe is an add on.  Radware includes this out of the box.  From the start of our demos we have told both companies QOS is a must have to help balance the video stream and the other inbound services across the multiple ISPs. Fatpipe is checking into this for us.. we test QOS with radware tomorrow.

More to come… We are working on a matrix of our evaluations and I’ll post those results.


  • Reply Jason Breyer |

    Hi Jason,
    I am not sure you are aware there is another option out there which provides a better solution with much better support. Additionally, you will save thousands of dollars. The PowerLink from Astrocom. we have over 5,000 happy customers using our solution for what appears to be the same need you have.

    We have many customers that initially tried the boxes from Radware and Fatpipe before settling on the PowerLink. If you are interested, check out http://www.astrocorp.com, email me at jbreyer@astrocorp.com, or you can call me direct at 763.746.5505.

    Jason Breyer

  • Reply Ben Adanke |

    I would definately not go with the Astrocrap Box. It honestly is a piece of junk- save yourself time and look elsewhere. There are much cheaper and better alternatives out there if you wanna go that route. If you are gonna spend the money FP or Radware are much better. I think the company filled for bankrupcy a while back too… might want to keep that in mind for when it comes to support.

So, what do you think ?