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HTC Touch Review

The big brown truck arrived at 6pm to deliver my new SmartPhone, I had almost given up hope that it would get delivered.

First impressions count right, well it doesn’t help when the UPS guy smokes like a chimney and your little box smells like smoke.  But after that I cut the box open and was happy to see the smell hadn’t infaltrated the product packageing.

The packaging of the HTC touch is quite nice, the box slides out of the outer shell to reveil a black mat box with a magnetic lid.  Opening the lid there is the great little device.  Inside the box multiple USB attachments, stili, headphones and the power adapters.

Booting the phone up after installing the battery is simple and clean.  The phone has already been activated and I imediatly make a test call, very clear and good quatlity.  The data provisioning failed, so a quick call to Sprint support and after provisioning the data we are on our way.

Installing ActiveSync was easy and quick, and my contacts and tasks were uploaded from my laptop to my phone.  This quickly reviels a new task of going thru my contact list and cleaning up old contacts and catagories in Outlook.

The applications the a came with the phone include: SprintTV, Office Mobile and several other basic applications.  After syncronizing to my laptop OneNote mobile was installed and works very well.

My initial thoughts on the on-screen keyboard weren’t great but after several days of working with the phone it is easy to get aquainted to.  The T9 is very very good and makes entering text a breeze. 

Battery life is good, learning your new handset causes the backlight to be on more than normal and I haven’t yet run the battery down.  One additional nice feature is the charging over USB even from the laptop.

Call quality is quite amazing for a PDA, I have had 4-5 other PDA devices in the past and call quality wasn’t always great.  The Touch has great clarity, good volume and good pickup of your side of the call with limited background noice.

One of the best features of this phone is the size, granted no hardware keyboard allows this to happen but it makes carrying this phone like a non-pda candybar style phone.

Dislikes so far are only the location of the camera button which is frequently getting pressed when on a call. 

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  • Reply Jeremie |

    Wait, I think you have a misprint here in your blog.
    I believe you said “The T9 is very very good”
    That just simply can’t be right.

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