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CIT RoundTable Session 2 – Management Track

Project Management

> Are the Expectations that IT won’t manage and plan projects?
> How do you plan?

  >> Basecamp
  >> WhiteBoard
  >> MS Project
  >> Active Colab
  >> PMBOK

> How often is enough to “meet” with your staff
>> Weekly, Bi-weekly
>> Involve the whole team and one on ones

> Helpdesk software – Do you track ticket times what do you do with that data
>> Justify job
>> Give clarity those high maintenance users


> How do you fund IT Staff Training
>> Outside Grants – IWT (Incumbant Worker Training)
>> Operation Budget Funding

CIT Roundtable 1

Cool Tools

BombBomb.com “affordable” but cool

RoyalTS – Remote Desktop Console Tool FREE
> http://www.code4ward.net/main/RoyalTS/Overview.aspx


MRemote FREE

LovelyCharts.com “affordable paid account”

SpiceWorks – Scans Macs, PCs, Servers give alerts on changes updates, problems.

Kiwi Solarwinds toolset




Mobiscope Desktop

 Volunteers in IT

> How to recruit Volunteers:

– Volunteer Fair
– Make the needs Known and make the descriptions detailed and clear
– Define the scope for the volunteers

– Let your volunteers see the blinkly lights on a tour

Backups and Offsite Backups

- Backups are for the weak in faith –Bryson

- What is Offsite?  Off campus, other building, other property owner

- Who is the stake holders in the backup decision

- Leadership team has to make a choice what the order for coming back online is.

– Have leadership commit to the decisions of how you come back online after a disaster

– Disaster doesn’t just mean data issues..  power, data, hv/ac


Not all storage is created equal…

> Media Production have tiers of storage – Online, Near Online, Not Really Online (wait time)

MinistryTECH Keynote 3 – Attaining Relevance

David Drinnon

Pastor of Technology and Websites – Second Baptist Church

Relevance – positioning all things in a way that our message is readily received by our audience.
As technologists we are the stake holders of the technology that enters our Ministries.

How do we make the message of the Gospel Relevant?
- Is relevancy the right question to ask?
> Does the message of the Gospel become watered down when we attempt to make it relevant?
> Does the message of the Gospel need us to “make” it relevant?

“Just believe is like saying Drink the Punch, Take the Pill” – David Drinnon

Commitment to Relevancy and not the Gospel can lead to dangerous place.

Are you so involved in the pursuit of the medium you loose the message?

> Don’t put the medium before the message

Ephesians 2:1
You were dead to your transgressions and sins.
> What is it to be dead?  The dead don’t bear any fruit, No Value, Morally bankrupt before God.
> The trust of the dead is miss-placed.
> The Dead have no sorrow for sin, Worldly sorry brings Death.
> Death is the absence of everything.

God isn’t giving us a resuscitation, he is giving us a RESURECTION… he is brining us back to Life not just riving us.

There are a ton to technologies but they have no meaning unless you have THE message.

Matt. 28:18-20 Everyone is called to ministry… Don’t get suck behind the gear find out what are the needs of people beyond the technology.

It doesn’t matter the amount of gear, the amount of knowledge, the size of your church…. God has called you to a mission of ministry.

“In matters of style swim with the current, in matters of principle stand like a rock”

The Gospel itself alone is RELEVANT, it alone changes lives.  Our Relevance isn’t in the medium but in the MESSAGE.

MinistryTECH Morning Devo

Paul Zigan

Galatians 6:2-5

1-3 Live creatively, friends. If someone falls into sin, forgivingly restore him, saving your critical comments for yourself. You might be needing forgiveness before the day’s out. Stoop down and reach out to those who are oppressed. Share their burdens, and so complete Christ’s law. If you think you are too good for that, you are badly deceived.

4-5Make a careful exploration of who you are and the work you have been given, and then sink yourself into that. Don’t be impressed with yourself. Don’t compare yourself with others. Each of you must take responsibility for doing the creative best you can with your own life.

Burdens vs. the Load

the Load is small personal

the burden is large and bigger than you can handle on your own.

- An Obstacle for “burden bearing” is thinking to highly of yourself… when your “too good” its “too hard” to help carry the burden v.3 

What is the result of the Burden Bearing?

- v.2 “Fuflill the Law of Christ”

-John 13.:34 the law of Love

MinistryTECH Keynote 2

Social Networking in Ministry
Jeff Wilson
Henderson Hills Baptist Church

1. Why Should you be involved in social networking?

- Relationships with other like minded people

- Working in the Church can be lonely

- Get me out of the building without having to leave

2. Open the flow… allow for the the ability to have connections

- Be open to take a risk to have community formed online.

- Be willing to move away from the business and move towards the ministry aspects.

3. Empower the Church

- Our role is to empower the church

- There is value in appearing to be current with technology for those outside the church.

4. Maximize the Technology

- Move from “Old” to “New”

5. Become the Church “Geek Squad”

- Train

- Use your Skilz

- Share the Info

- Produce/Share

- Help Student Ministry provide training for “Do’s and Don’ts” for social networking for Children and parents

6. Become the Catalyst

- Help others on your ministry team maximize social networks

- You are more than a repairman

- Partnering with vendors to incorporate social networking with ministry

- Don’t stay in your office

- Be an influencer

MinistryTECH – Keynote Session 1

MinistryTECH 09 Day 1Brad Sheriff – VP of Brand Technology Sonic Drive In

Driving Innovation and Relevance

How to solve altitude sickness: Cherry Lime-Aid and Ice-Cream Sunday

Sonic Drive In is in 44 of 50 states





What does Innovation look like?  Who is the most innovative person?  Jerry Seinfeld – because he sees what the rest of us overlook and ignore  WWJD (What Would Jerry Do)

How Does Innovation lead to technology:

- Innovation breads directed activity and action

- Innovation creates positive energy

- Innovation leads to improvement

- Fail your way to success

How Sonic Tech Works


>    Project Management (Idea Gathering, Prioritization) >

              >    Retail|
               >   System Dev  – Developers
               >   Infrastructure – Data Center, Business Continuity, LAN/WAN

>  Implementation and Training

   – You can build anything you want, but you have to train people how to use it or the technology is useless

> Customer Service – Taking the time from learn from the experience that  you ‘customer’ has.Technology is not a perfect science, you have to be focused on the users.


You have to be deliberate about structure and process.

- Results Oriented departments get the $$ –

- If everyone understands how IT works they will include you in the decisions

- Perception Rules with the lack of hard facts

- Manage the expectations of your “customers”, there is always more good ideas than there is time.


Who’s First?

- Who defines where your organization is going technically? 

- Can your senior leadership tell you what your technical strategy in 30 words or less?

  – Can your staff?

Results – How/When do we Win?

- what is success?

Take away:

Balanced Initiatives

Know your customers

Get out More

Create a culture of Reinvestment/Return

Change the way you see the world

WWSD (What would Seinfeld Do?)

MinistryTECH Day One

We arrived yesterday in Colorado Springs and have been enjoying catching up with some old friends and enjoying meeting new friends.


Early Tuesday Jeremie and I left Galesburg and took the train to Chicago then the L to Midway, flew Southwest to Denver and drove to Colorado Springs.  We were on the same flight as the guys from Granger so we have had too much fun for one day of travel. (Greetings from Midway says it all!).


 MinistryTECH 09 Tuesday

Wednesday started with Ministry Tours at Compassion International and New Life Church.

MinistryTECH Day 2

MinistryTECH Day 2


Compassion International’s DataCenter

MinistryTECH Day 2


Second on our Tours was New Life Church


MinistryTECH Day 2


MinistryTECH Day 2


After the Tours at Compassion and New Life we hit Sonic for a little lunch

MinistryTECH Day 2


Ian and Clif had to respond to a crisis at the office, so Ian set up his monster Sonic WiFi rig

MinistryTECH Day 2


After lunch we decided to see some Colorado Spring Sights… Our first stop was the Manitou Springs Cave Dwellings.  These dwellings were built between 1100 and 1300 AD

MinistryTECH 09 Wednesday

MinistryTECH 09 Wednesday


Jeremie taking in the Manitou Cave Dwellings
MinistryTECH 09 Wednesday


The Granger Guys inside a tower at the cave dwelling

MinistryTECH 09 Wednesday


Justin deep in thought…. Jeremie just keeps appearing all over the place.

MinistryTECH 09 Wednesday


After the Manitou Cave Dwellings we headed to the Garden of the Gods an awesome park with several huge rock formations.

MinistryTECH 09 Wednesday

MinistryTECH 09 Wednesday


“Umm that is a big rock”

 MinistryTECH 09 Wednesday


After the Garden of the gods we decided to take a dirt road with a bunch of switch backs up a mountain, this was a good adventure and provided a ton of great views.  This is a panorama from my phone.



MinistryTECH 09 Wednesday

We had a great day taking in some sites, the altitude does make you a little more winded when you are climbing rock formations and hills… so now its time to get to bed.  The ‘work’ begins tomorrow… MinistryTech starts at 9 am.  If you weren’t able to make the trip… join us on the stream.


Tons more photos are uploaded to flickr, go here to see the photos from All MinistryTECH 09

Such a Registration Tool Does Exist, now.

UpwellingSignupSeveral weeks ago I asked Does Such a tool Exist? I was basically looking for a web tool that can take your “sign-up board” and make it an online registration.  After much digging and the feedback from several peers, we came to the conclusion that nothing existed… at least nothing that did all of what we wanted.

Mike, one of our volunteers, has been helping us bring our wordpress.mu server online and was in the office doing some finishing work on that server when we were talking about the online ‘sign-up’ project.  After some white boarding Mike said this was a project he could do, even in the two week window we had before our Upwelling Registrations had to go live.  We speced out the “Must Haves”, and the “Dreams” and Mike started coding away.

Well our go live date was April 14th and the web tool is online… and i thought i would take you thru a virtual tour of sorts.

Upwelling, our 2 day around the clock prayer event, includes 750 Blessing and Healing prayer slots during 14 hours of the event.  The web application divides the 14 hours into 20 minute segments that have on average 21 seats per segment and then displays how many remaining seats are in each room.  As registrations fill up, the system dynamically displays to registrants how many seats remain in every segment.



After the registrant selects the seat in the time slot desired, the registrant can add up to two additional guests for that time segment (assuming those seats are available).  For this event the rooms are limited to 3 seats by default, and if a group is bigger than 3 they can request a larger room thru the event organizer directly.



On the Administration Side we have provided the event organizer with a tool to manage the teams, rooms and registrants.  The event organizer can define their teams that host each room by adding teams and members in the admin side of the tool.


The logic was built into the system that a room doesn’t display to the public until the event organizer assigns a host team to each room.  This logic was what we used as the control to how many rooms display at each segment block.


Finally the event organizer can view, add and delete registrants from the Guest Scheduler admin view.  This is where the event organizer can bypass the ‘no more than three’ guest restriction that applies to the public side of the tool.



Now the questions remain, can we use our reporting and exporting functionality that we are still building out to import the guest and host team information into ACS CheckPoint to print badges and check in guests when they arrive on the day of the event.

Several of you said you would be interested in such a tool if it existed… if you want to talk about what we built email me and we can talk, jason [at]  jasonmlee [dot] net.

Avaya IPOffice

Avaya Logo

If you are using an Avaya IPOffice PBX and are planning to upgrade to version 4.2.14 or higher and use a PRI configuring ‘NI2’ (National) calling you might want to be aware of this Technical Tip from Avaya’s Site.

In this release of the software, without the mentioned private build, all outbound calling is rejected by the PRI provider because the PBX is sending calls in the wrong format.

From Avaya Enterprise Tools Knowledge base:

This Technical Tip is to advise customers of a potential issue with T1/PRI lines configured for NI2 that may occur on upgrades or new installations with IP Office releases 4.1(15) and 4.2(4).

It has been observed that T1/PRI line configurations may not accept a called party type set to “National Number”. Certain NI2 line configurations are set to accept only called party type “Unknown Numbering Plan". The network provider may not process calls with the "National Number" format, rejecting the call setup as an invalid number format. This results in the inability to initiate outbound calls. 

Avaya has produced private build 4.2(49601) to resolve the issue by providing the ability to adjust the called party type to "Unknown Numbering Plan". After installation of the private build you must activate the function by adding the following string into the NoUser Source Numbers tab and then merging the change into the configuration: NI2_CALLED_PARTY_TYPE=UNKNOWN

Avaya IPOffice 4.2.14


New ACS Pre-Convention Workshop!

ACSConventionAs I previously mentioned, I am really excited about the 2009 ACS Convention… Not only will the new product announcements be exciting, but I really enjoy getting to hang out with my peers at other churches to talk tech and dream about how we can help our ministries become better!  I also am really excited to meet many other ACS clients that I have talked with or corresponded with via blogs and twitter but have never met face to face. 

But now for the exciting news!

We have just finalized arrangements for our team to arrive early to the ACS Convention because of an exciting event on Tuesday afternoon.  ACS has asked us to help host a pre-convention workshop, Let’s Go!  Launching Checkpoint Successfully in your Church.  The focus is for those planning to roll out checkpoint to get a first hand look at the 3-6 month process we walked thru partnering with our Children’s Ministry, Communications and Media Teams to smoothly deploy Checkpoint. 

If you are planning to deploy Checkpoint in your church, make plans to attend both Pre-Convention Workshops: Checkpoint 101 and then  join us Launching CheckPoint Successfully Tuesday afternoon.


Let’s Go!  Launching Checkpoint Successfully in your Church

  • Tuesday, May 26th, 2009 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Getting the ACS software solution in place is just one part of the successful launch of a new program.  In this class, we’ll look at all the other elements needed to start up a new check-in system in your church, and help you get started planning for success in your church.

We’ll dig in deep with Northwoods Community Church to explore how they updated their check-in systems with new hardware, new software, and new processes.  You’ll have a chance to examine the fingerprint scanner system now in use at NWCC, and hear first-hand from members of the team who made it happen. Topics covered include IT, Communications, Volunteer Training, and Budgeting.  Real-life examples of emails, videos, training sessions and more will bring ideas and inspiration for a successful launch in your church.

Whether your church is starting a check-in ministry for the first time, or you’re looking at updating your current processes, you’ll benefit from this session.