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Lync Deployment continues thanks to our Volunteers

Over the past month we have been re-wiring our “Phase 1” portion of our Peoria campus in preparation for our move to our new phone system Lync.  As part of that project, we have pulled out hundreds and hundreds of feet of old cat3 and cat5 wiring that was abandoned, wired wrong or damaged.

We rewired over 60 data locations in just 3 Monday nights, and the work couldn’t have been done without our awesome volunteers.  I just wanted to say thanks again to Steve T, Wayne T, Gene S, Mark B, John S, and Bob P.  Guys your heart for kingdom ministry is awesome and with out your help we couldn’t do what we do!  Ceiling Tile Dust and carting around ladders is more fun with you guys around!

A couple crazy photos from our work nights:

This is a prime example of why we decided to re-wire! Scotch locks on Data wiring NOOOO!


The Growing pile of wire that has been pulled out


The new IDF wiring rack getting installed


Jeremie and the team formulating the action plan.

Wiring work night


Steve has a history of wanting to drive… granted there have been a few accidents, but when it was time to clean up we had something special for him to drive that was fairly accident proof.

wiring work night cleanup

Thanks to our volunteers our VOIP migration has an end in site.

SharePoint Training for Church Consultants/Vendors!

An update to our SharePoint Training we will be offering on January 7-11.

Bill English has extended a very gracious offer for Consultants/Vendors who serve the church.  Previously we had limited the training to individuals directly employed by a church or ministry and no-one in the profit sector, serving a church or otherwise could attend.  Well that has changed.  We are now able to welcome individuals or employees of companies that provide services to the church.

The news even gets better, Bill has discounted the training by almost $1000.  The cost of the training including all the courseware is $2495.

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