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Sonicwall Roadshow Part 2

CDP Demo

Dee Bhatia – CDP Regional Sales Manager


Slides of CDP “Suite
Local Backup
CDP to Local Archive
Bare Metal – Acronis Backup w/ Sonicwall Logo




Neil Jones
Email Security Specialist

Spam Math: 2005 30 billion per day 2009 140 billion messages per day
Does Spam Pay: Howard Carmack sends 10m emails per day earns $200k per year


Product Updates:
Backspatter Attacks were added Last fall
Apply Real-Time reputation to an email’s text, picture, URL, etc

“5 Minute updates is key, Updates once per hour is not sufficient [for spam filtering]”.

Leverage the 1million plus firewalls and offer customers basic Spam services as a add-on to the existing products.

Sonicwall Demo Site: LiveDemo.Sonicwall.com


Available Promotions
”Three and Free” buy three years of UTM and get the appliance free

Sonicwall Roadshow Part 1

Sonicwall RoadShowDolph Smith– Sonicwall SE

One of the largest threats we face is the content “we” create: Wikipedia, Facebook, etc.

Not every threat is web based.


Dave Perry – Director of Software Engineering

Ten Things your Firewall Should Do
What are your employees doing? Web Surfing, Twitter, Facebook, Downloading files, IM, Video, Games, Email

Facts at work:
25% of employees do peer to peer sharing
16% of men 8% of women admit viewing pornography at work
25% of the office internet traffic is non-business related

Non-Traditional Malware
Prediction – Malware disguised as “Benign social networking links” will be the top threat to data security in 2009 “HiJacks your need to be liked”

1. Manage Streaming video
2. Bandwidth management

3. Webmail Data Loss
4. Application use enforcement
5. Deny FTP upload
6. Keep P2p2 apps under control
7. Manage streaming music
8. Prioritize Application bandwidth
9. Block Confidential Docs
10. Block/log forbidden files


Product Updates
UTM Products

SonicOS 5.5 Update (Due out in Fall)

- SSO Improvements
- 4WAN links
- Active/Active UTM (UTM processing on HA host spare)

Content Filter “We know we have dropped the ball” we have 4 people working on that project and expect a more enterprise robust feature set by fall.

Central Illinois VMware User Group Meeting


Limited seating…REGISTER NOW
VMUG Agenda
6:00pm – Welcome
6:10pm – vSphere (with demo)
7:10pm – Break
7:25pm – Site Recovery Manager (with demo)
8:30pm – Breakout sessions
9:00pm – Adjourn
Illinois State University
Alumni Center
1101 North Main
Normal, Illinois 61761
Directions: http://tinyurl.com/osb26y

      • Building closes at 4:30pm, but will reopen at 5:30pm ****

Preventative Maintenance Plan

At our recent IT Roundtable, Preventative Maintenance plans came up in our discussion and I mentioned that we had started writing a plan that gives our team some guidelines.  Granted this preventive maintenance plan is in no way a complete or exhaustive guide, we have started getting our plan on paper. 

We use this policy and procedure guide to actually perform the maintenance but also as guide for what we want to see happen.  At the RoundTable I mentioned one of the most helpful reminders for us has been to add the items from this plan to recurring tickets in our helpdesk system.  When a task is due we are sent a reminder and it stays there until we complete the task.

After the RoundTpreventative-maintenance-planable a couple people asked if the P&P document was on my blog… I hadn’t ever thought of posting it until now…. so borrow away.. I hope it gives you a kick start to start writing you plan! preventative-maintenance-plan

I would love feedback via email or comment or if you you would like to share your preventative plans with us email jason[at]jasonmlee[dot]net.

MinistryTECH Saturday Adventure

Our last full day in Colorado Springs was our day "set” day for sight seeing… even though every day in the Rockies is a day for sight seeing.

We started with a trip to the Air Force Academy, the size of the campus (10K acres) as well as the Chapel were quite amazing.  The Chapel is actually multiple chapels and the Protestant chapel is the largest and first one we visited.

Air Force Academy

Air Force Academy

Air Force Academy

Air Force Academy

Air Force Academy 

The Buddhist chapel was the smallest but also the newest addition

Air Force Academy



The Jewish Chapel was in the lower level with an 200 year old original torah hidden before WWI and found and donated to the AFA in 1989.  The paintings on the wall are oil painted over gold leaf and are valued at $1million each.

Air Force Academy

Air Force Academy

Air Force Academy

Air Force Academy


We had more than a couple awesome views as we took the scenic route to Denver (normal drive time 1.5 hrs, our drive time 5.5 hours)



Crossing the The Continental Divide





view all photos from the trip here

Not going To mInistryTECH?



Geeky but grounded?
Plugged-in but cash-strapped?
Interested but otherwise occupied?

If you can’t physically make it to MinistryTech for some end-of-the-world reason, you can still take in part of the excitement virtually. We’ll be streaming selected workshops and all keynote sessions during the conference, FREE!

So fire up your smartphone, laptop, or other cool gadget and keep it with you at all times. Nothing is more important than MinistryTech’09. Here are some things to think about:

  • Wife having a baby? No problem, use headphones. Imagine what an awesome thing it will be for you to be able to say that your newborn’s first geek experience was at age 0.1!
  • Don’t have enough money to travel? This is free. Mooch some wireless at Panera.
  • Actually have a job you can’t get away from? This will help you enjoy that more.
  • Don’t like Colorado? Whatever.
  • Afraid someone will ask what you’re doing? Don’t worry. They know you’re a geek. Tell them you’re logged on with hundreds of other “smart people” discussing the next generation of Church Integration Networking Social Internet Directory Management Infrastructure Ministry — you know, the ChINSIDIMS — 2.0.
  • Get lots of [throw in some acronyms here]!
  • It’s better than trying to follow someone else’s blog that is actually a digest of their tweets which just goes to prove their not really paying attention anyway. 

So how do you partake in this virtual goodness? 

Register Here so we can make plans to reserve your virtual seat (the soft comfy recliners will go first, oh wait, you choose your own seat..)