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The Move is on…

A few days ago our call to arms was similar to that of Paul Revere … “The Data Racks are Comming, The Data Racks are Comming!”  Our new Data Racks had finally arrived we quickly unpacked them to install in the new DataCenter.

RacksArrive JasonInRack Adding Hardware 

Today,Day 3 of the telephone system relocation and has come to an end.  Or Technicans Darren and John from CTS have gone home for the day and plan to return for day 4 tomorrow.   Note: This was suppose to be a 2 day project.

The first stages of relocating to our DataCenter is moving the telephone system from its old location to the new telecom rack in the DataCenter.  The old phone location was not cooled nor did it have power from the generator… not to mention the “cleaned up wiring” was a disaster.  I have been told what we pulled out today was the improved ‘mess’ from the intial install.

 PhoneRelocation WiringMess 

Jasonandwire PBX MIA 

We have pulled the rats nest out out and are now rewiring the phone system on two new trunk lines (one 100 and one 200 pair trunks).


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Progress… Finally

Jeremie has blogged about why we are moving to our new DataCenter so i’ll show you some photos of the progress.  The fire suppresion system was installed last week. 

New Strobe  Wiring Of FireAlarm  ControlPannel-FireAlarm  detector