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Lincoln Presidential Museum

My family is in town this weekend so we thought it would be fun to make the trip to Springfield, IL to eat some from some of our favorite places to eat as well as check out the Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum (alplm.org) and visit with some friends.  Even though we had lived in Springfield for over four years my parents never had visited the museum so we thought this weekend’s trip should include a trip to Springfield.

I have to admit I am not a huge museum person but if you are ever near the LPLM it is a must visit stop on your trip.  The museum is extremely impressive!  There are two theaters that have two amazingly  well done shows with awesome affects and tons of other media to present the history of Lincoln. Its worth your time to check out!

Because of copyright and condition of some of the historical items they don’t permit photos inside the “journeys”, so since I can’t show you photos of most of the museum, you will have to just go and see it for yourself.

One of the best parts of our visit to the ALPLM was the fact that we had our own personal tour-guide, our friends Charlie and Cleo Lee (not related, but ‘adopted’ because of our names) volunteer at the museum, so Cleo went with us as our personal tour guide! Thanks Cleo for the personal tour and Free Tickets!  For a hook up with your own personal guides when you tour the ALPLM, drop me a note and we’ll introduce you to some of our favorite ALPLM volunteers.


Here are some of the picts from our trip.

Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum

The first journey is the “Pre-Presidential Years” starts with a replica of the cabin A. Lincoln grew up in and takes you thru  the days before the election.


Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum

Mom and Dad with “little Abe” before we started Journey One.


The second Journey starts with entering the front of a White House replica and takes you thru the post election time thru the Civil War to Lincoln’s death. Are they Statues or Actors?  Hmm…

Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum


You can also take a tour by cell phone and text message in Springfield of all the Lincoln sites… pretty cool.

Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum


After Dinner at Darcy’s Pint, on of the best places to have a Horseshoe, we met up with a bunch of our friends for ice-cream at Culvers.

“Grandma” Cleo saw this bunny that jumps and dances at the store and thought Jonathan “HAD” to have it.

Dinner with Sprinfield Friends      Dinner with Sprinfield Friends


Taking over the restaurant and hanging out with friends.

Dinner with Sprinfield Friends


Not sure if it was just a long day for the little guy or if “Auntie” Deb is just that boring.

"Aunt Deb" & Jonathan


Cleo & Charlie Lee and Bruce Voorhees and the silly bunny.

Dinner with Sprinfield Friends


Ok… and lastly i have to post the photos of the random wedding party waking down the street… we saw them walking downtown with the yellow dresses and yellow parasols and couldn’t pass up snapping a shot.

Random Wedding walking down the street

Cute Kid

So over the past few months there has been a debate in our office… If you have a kid, do you think he/she is cute no matter what?

This debate is primarily because I think my kid is really cute, as do my co-workers “Auntie” Linda and “Aunitie” Mel, and Jeremie (Jonathan hasn’t come up with a nickname for Jeremie yet) but primarily because of my cynical wonderings…


Anyways, I don’t have to worry because my kid is cute!


Here is Jonathan in his Easter Outfit… too bad he isn’t a happy baby!

Jonathan's first Easter


A post Easter Service Photo Shoot

Jonathan's first Easter


Someone fell asleep…

Snuggling with Daddy


No really, this is my serious face!

Big smiles!