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Preventative Maintenance Plan

At our recent IT Roundtable, Preventative Maintenance plans came up in our discussion and I mentioned that we had started writing a plan that gives our team some guidelines.  Granted this preventive maintenance plan is in no way a complete or exhaustive guide, we have started getting our plan on paper. 

We use this policy and procedure guide to actually perform the maintenance but also as guide for what we want to see happen.  At the RoundTable I mentioned one of the most helpful reminders for us has been to add the items from this plan to recurring tickets in our helpdesk system.  When a task is due we are sent a reminder and it stays there until we complete the task.

After the RoundTpreventative-maintenance-planable a couple people asked if the P&P document was on my blog… I hadn’t ever thought of posting it until now…. so borrow away.. I hope it gives you a kick start to start writing you plan! preventative-maintenance-plan

I would love feedback via email or comment or if you you would like to share your preventative plans with us email jason[at]jasonmlee[dot]net.