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Warm Fuzzies…being appreciated

It can’t go over looked how nice it makes you feel when you are appreciated!  The ‘Staff Christmas Party’ this year was another really fun event.  We started the day with a breakfast at the church where our leadership team gave each staff member an really cool jacket with our new northwoods logo on it…then 45 of our staff piled into a charter bus to head to the ‘windy city’.

Our 3 hour bus ride included the entertainment of Yankee Trader Gift Exchange.. this is always an EVENT at the staff Christmas party, but this year was different.  We didn’t give $10 gifts but rather gave our $10 bucks to a local charity and had to MAKE our gifts.  Jeremie Kilgore and I started to create our strategy early on as to how we would play the ‘game’.  We identified the ‘high value’ gifts within the first 10 rounds.  The ‘Black and white matted photo’, the 2 gift cards, and the book ends in the shape of crosses made from a melted down car chassis….  Our strategy paid off.. we both were ‘in play for 20+ of the 43 rounds… not bad for pulling an early number.  Well I ended up with about 4 lbs of awesome fudge.  I gave a home made Yule Log  and Jeremie gave a Snow Globe… well its nice especially since he made the thing… It was really cool… maybe he’ll post a photo on his site soon (HINT HINT JK).

Our day entailed an awesome lunch, a trip to the apple store to stump the genius, a trip to the audiologist for our music guys to get ear molds, and some expensive peppermint bark.

While my venture to stump the genius was fun especially when the genius tried to tell me that OS X.5 was built on a new technology… he just didn’t understand how we could think Unix wasn’t created this year….   While I was dishing out some teasting I got a taste of my own when a kid under 8 had to help me connect to the Internet with the  macbook pro. 

In my defense, the power was out in our office and that resulted in the sites I was trying to connect to being offline… but his squeaky voice explaining how to use Safari was too much for Jeremie, Ben and Dave not to give me a hard time.

Ben and Harold had some fun getting molds made of their ears for their IEM (In Ear Monitors).  We talked up how they might loose their hearing or even have the mold composite get too hard in their ears to pull it back out, but that didn’t phase them, too much…

I had the opportunity to try out the new Sensophonics IEM system.  It boasts in-ears that have microphones to pickup ambient sound.  I didn’t believe the quality would be very good… but i was pleasantly surprised… but for $2k they should be good… a little too much for our budget :(

All in all, a really great day (minus the power outage at home)!  The leadership team at NWCC knows how to give an awesome Staff party!