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Central Illinois VMware User Group Meeting


Limited seating…REGISTER NOW
VMUG Agenda
6:00pm – Welcome
6:10pm – vSphere (with demo)
7:10pm – Break
7:25pm – Site Recovery Manager (with demo)
8:30pm – Breakout sessions
9:00pm – Adjourn
Illinois State University
Alumni Center
1101 North Main
Normal, Illinois 61761
Directions: http://tinyurl.com/osb26y

      • Building closes at 4:30pm, but will reopen at 5:30pm ****

MasterFlex is Online

Our IT staff had another work night on Monday night; as I have mentioned about before, we have regularly scheduled work nights that allow us to take our servers and services offline while we perform mantiance.  Well Monday night was one of those nights.  During this night we were able to put “MasterFlex” our new Intel Flexbox blade system into production.  We moved our ACS terminal server to FlexHost-01, one of the blades in the chassis.  As with our other servers our host boxes FlexHost-01 is also running VMware Server so this migration was as smiple as copying the virtual server over to the new host.

Well lets just say almost simple…We learned a few things in the process… Once again VMware’s tech support was very professional and knowlegable to suppport us. 

After brining the terminal server online it was locking up and the screen would freeze.  After uploading the log files to support we idnetified the problem was with the VMware tools.  We had moved this guest server from a 32bit host, and moved it to a 64bit host… and didn’t think to reinstall the tools.  So after reinstalling the new VMware tools things were better…

But then Tusday morning trouble struck again…the terminal server froze again sometime overnight.  Jeremie came into the office in the morning and saw the server was locked up…. He was able to fairly quickly identify the machine was locking up during the search of the CD hardware. The problem, there was a CD drive mapped incorrectly on the guest which was causing the machine to hang while it tried to poll the CD drive.  He removed the CD drive from the guest’s config and all was well.  Great work Jeremie! 

Several users have noted that their termial sessions are now as quick as working locally.  We haven’t run our benchmark testing yet, but I am expecting a significiant improvement… we’ll post the results soon.