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Sad Day

Well its a sad day… Not because I have decided not to blog anymore…

Boating Seasons Over 

No, it’s a sad day because it marks the end of boating season.  The boat is all covered up, been to the marina to be winterized and now back in the garage…. Another season has come to a close.  Dreams of tubing and slalom skiing will have to hibernate for another six months…

Hey by the way… Anyone have any inexpensive storage for a boat in central Illinois?

No Cash from You…

It seems that Apple, Inc. is always inventing new products that will separate their customers from their money but their new strategy is interesting… They are telling their customers, that good old hard cash isn’t good enough for the iPhone.  Who would have thought that Apple was too good for your green backs….

Foxnews.com reports:   “Apple, Inc. no longer accepts cash for iPhone purchases, and now limits sales of the cell phone to two per person in a move to stop people from reselling them.”

This latest info is only on the heels that our fruit friendly company is making $18 per month per iPhone sold from their partner AT&T.

It seems like seeking to control the industry isn’t enough for Apple… now they have to control their customers buying power and the ability of their customers to resell their products… Where is the capitalistic ideal in that??  The IPhone is good enough for Apple to sell to their customers, but not good enough to sell again on Ebay.

Free Over Priced Ice Cream

Join the Cold Stone Creamery Birthday Club

So is something still over priced when you get it free?  Cold Stone Creamery has a birthday club where you get a normally over priced $5.00 ice cream for free when you print out your birthday coupon… so hmm.. Is it still over priced?

Office 2007 Training

We launched Office2007 to all our users in July of 2007.  We offered a 1 hour group training session for each staff person.

This PDF, Office 2007 Training, was the training guide for the orientation session.

Linda Cleveland, our Systems Coordinator and Trainer, wrote the guide and lead the training.  You can email her at linda dot cleveland at nwoods dot org

Hello World

So for months I have been taking heat from the likes of J.P., Tony and J. Kilgore for not having a blog.  I have even taken heat in the the coments of other blogs and on the Church IT Podcast… but today is the end of a era… I have fallen to the pressure of my peers. 

But why the reluctance to start my blog… I think part of the reason is not having that earth shattering first post… So I have decided no one is going to read the first post, so it doesn’t really matter anyways…  

So why start on 10/30, it was a good start for me so it can’t be a bad day to start the blog… today is the birth of a new blog…  So with that I say ‘Hello World’.

In this blog you can expect to hear the thoughts, comments, and critiques from the perspective of a guy serving in Church I.T. You might even get to be the audience of an occasional vendor rant… oh those can be fun. (being one of my vendors automatically makes you a possible rant subject by yours truly) And I am sure there will be the occasional post about my wonderful wife, family or THE Ohio State University football.. So with that welcome to the blog, and I hope you enjoy.

This blog reflects my personal views, and while I am a staff member of Northwoods Community Church most of the views expressed will be aligned with the values of Northwoods but should not be considered the official view of Northwoods Community Church.  In-fact, if your view is different, post a comment push-backs are good… they make one think critically about what is said or believed.

Now for the record, its not my 29th or 30th birthdays…. for some reason my co-workers seem to think this is the case but its not… so I am setting the record straight.